Facilities for the Fabrication of Organic/Molecular Electronic Devices.

In the group we have available the necessary advanced facilities for preparing and processing organic materials as well as for characterizing and fabricating organic/molecular electronic devices.

Bar Assisted Meniscus Shearing (BAMS): Equipment home-designed for processing organic semiconductors in thin films

Glove Box with electrical measurement system and organic evaporator inside

Electrical Measurement Systems: Probe Stations, Agilent Semiconductor Device Analyzer and several voltage/source meters

EGaIn set-up that uses a drop of the eutectic metall alloy EGaIn to electrically contact soft materials such as self-assembled monolayers and to measure the I/V characteristics at room temperature

Laboratories for organic synthesis and wet chemistry

Novocontrol Impedance Analyzer (upper frequency limit 20 MHz) and High Grade Potentiostat Galvanostat System for Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy up to 1 MHz




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